A boutique design + print studio located in Chicago, IL since 2018.

We develop brands from the ground up, working closely with our clients to create a visual identity that withstands time in the physical and digital world. We will work to create a strong brand strategy and content plan that will differentiate your brand from others and help make it widely known.

Recent Work

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  • Viola is a premium cannabis brand that offers a wide range of products, from dried flowers to concentrates and edibles. The brand prides itself on its commitment to quality, sustainability, and a unique experience for its customers. To help Viola stand out in a crowded market and establish a strong brand identity, our team was hired to provide branding and art direction services.

    Our branding strategy focused on highlighting Viola's commitment to quality and the unique experiences its products offer. We used bold, vibrant colors and bold typography to create a modern and eye-catching visual identity that would appeal to its target audience. The brand's logo was designed to be simple, memorable and easily recognizable, featuring the brand name in a stylized font with a symbol representing the flower of the cannabis plant.

    Overall, our branding and art direction services helped Viola establish a strong and recognizable brand identity, that effectively communicated the brand's values and set it apart from its competitors. This, in turn, helped the brand to build a loyal customer base and drive sales growth.

  • Published Studios has been onboarded to manage all creative direction, merchandise production and fulfillment for G Herbo, including strategy and marketing alongside his record label, Machine Ent Group. So far, we’ve released merchandise for albums Swervo, PTSD, 25 and Survivor's Remorse. We most recently worked alongside Machine Ent Group and G Herbo to create the cover art for his latest album, "Survivor's Remorse," which charted at #9 on Billboard 100. We’re excited to continue working with Herb and his team as he continues to climb music charts.

  • Published Studios partnered with designer Kristopher Kites on his latest endeavor, “Kites Ice.” We helped bring the new vision to life from the popsicle packaging to the entire merchandise collection. The brand blends Kristopher’s jewelry brand and ice cream collection into one, and can be found this summer at all major music festivals nationwide.

  • Published Studios is currently managing creative and art direction for Vic Mensa’s cannabis brand ’93 Boyz. Partnering with legal cannabis company AERIZ, Published Studios has developed the full packaging of product, constructed brand identity, as well as merchandise to be released alongside the release.

  • Published Studios lead art direction for the design the Muhammad Ali capsule released by Champion. Working closely with Don C, we managed to accumulate his ideas and transfer them onto garments for a successful release.

    The results of this capsule has been featured on high-profile publications such as Complex and Hypebeast.

  • Published Studios has been working with Adidas Originals since 2019. We’ve helped bring many experiences to life through store experiences, media exposure and street campaigns.

    Adidas relies heavily on social content to help communicate their mission which is driving culture forward. We design assets for all social channels through graphic and video content.

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